Durable and long lasting accessories shielding is here to help customer find their perfect fit for their phone while avoiding to pay double or even triple the cost when you shouldn’t have to.



  • Customer must provide full details in the advanced replacement request to minimize processing time, such as model name, shipping address, contact persons name, phone number, email address, defective unit problem description, etc.
  • Customer must return the defective unit(s) within fourteen (14) business days following receipt of purchase. (Based on the unit receipt date of the courier pick up date). Day number 1 starts the same day unit is picked up/delivered from courier.
  • Customer must ship the defective unit back to Shielding in the packaging before having it replaced. If the packaging is damaged during shipping, customer must provide his or her own proper packaging to ensure return shipment to Shielding.
  • It is a customer’s responsibility to remove all old shipping waybills, air shipping labels etc. from the original packaging and affix a new shipping label and waybill provided by Shielding on the outside of the box. Failure to do so will mean any extra shipping costs incurred or lost units will be charged to customer’s credit card or account.
  • O. Box, APO, and FPO addresses are NOT accepted for advanced replacement delivery. Customer must provide Shielding with a physical address.
  • Shielding’s sole liability, and the exclusive remedy, for any acknowledged defect(s) shall be replaced of the Product in question.
  • Shielding does not offer refunds or credits.
  • Shielding shall NOT be liable under ANY circumstances for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages or lost data.



If any defect in the Product or part were caused by misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, improper repair, alteration or modification by customer, or any act in violation of the original selling conditions of the Product by Shielding, such Product is a customer induced damage unit. Since the warranty has been voided by customer’s actions, the advanced replacement cannot apply and Shielding will resend unit(s) to customer


It is the customer responsibility to make a compensation claim to the courier if the replacement unit is damaged or lost by the courier.


If customer fails to return the defective unit within fourteen (14) business days after receiving the replacement unit. Shielding will resend the defective unit’s to customer. This charge is not refundable unless customer can provide proof of delivery that shows customer returned the unit on time. Day number 1 starts the same day unit is picked up/delivered from courier.



If customer fails to return the complete unit to Shielding, customer will be notified to ship the missing parts to Shielding at customer’s cost within seven (7) business days. A failure to do so will not permit Shielding warranty unit(s) there for unit(s) will be shipped back. Any charge is not refundable for delayed returns.


Questions? Lets address them shield.assistance@gmail.com


Shielding understands that proccessing warranty exchanges can be a hassle, headache and time consuming. Before products are sent out they are inspected to make sure units are intact. Its Shieldings priority to minimize  warranty issues for all customers. Shielding’s focus is to offer the best online experience and products to customers.

 - Alex hernandez